The First Time Kayaker: Essential Items for Kayaking

You might have done all the necessary physical preparations for it. At last, you’re ready for your first kayaking trip. Are you sure you have everything that you need for it, however?

Everyone needs a sort of starter kit—something to pick up from. Here is what a kayaker would need if he or she is serious in his or her craft:

Starter Kit: Kayak

Obviously, you’re going to choose a kayak for your trip. There are different types of kayaks but you should go after the beginner kayaks if you’re starting out. These kayaks are shorter than the slalom or sit-on-tip ones, with a comfortable support for your back and a foot pedal for the rudder. The Sea Kayak Explorer’s ULTIMATE GUIDE will help lead you on your search.

Starter Kit: Paddles

There’s something different about kayak paddles for other paddles. Aside from having blades on both ends, it length is also somewhere between 210cm and 260cm. A good advice would be to pick a paddle that’s taller than you are; it’s also a good practice to keep spares for when you need it.

Starter Kit: Buoyancy

Even if you somehow know how to swim, you should have a buoyancy aid with you. These look like life jackets but with more freedom and the same buoyancy that they offer. Most kayak rentals or stores offer these types of jackets. These should be carried on trips especially if you’re alone.


Starter Kit: Equipment

Equipments include paddles, jackets, but more importantly, helmets. You never know what will happen if you capsize. You should be ready, especially if you’re kayaking on rough water.

Starter Kit: Dry/Rope bag

These bags are used for different purposes. A rope bag is something an instructor would most certainly have, but you should have one if you’re kayaking alone. It’s something you use when a colleague or you are in trouble. The dry bag, meanwhile, is something that would keep your change of clothes dry while you paddle on the water.

These are only a few equipment you will need; these, though, will make sure that you’ll be ready to set on the watery path whenever, wherever.

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