F-Class for the First Class

Think First Class

Yachts of the F-Class are a cut above the rest. These boats have the best of today’s technology and performance even while taking the best of the J-series.

Value First Class

Racing in first class definitely makes a difference. The boat can only be as great as her captain and crew pushes her—the same can be said with an F-class boat.

Race in First Class

Only the best materials are used in creating an F-class. The best design also intersects to create a masterpiece that will truly bring you through the finish line and beyond.

Prove you’re First Class

Only the elite can truly afford an F-Class. Do you have what it takes to pilot such crafts like the Firefly? Are you merely searching for a yacht to enjoy the luxurious life? Whatever you’re looking for, take a look, we might have it here.